B.A.R.C (Benoni Animal Rescue Centre)

B.A.R.C is an organization that assists in the well being of pets and disadvantaged animals.

As part of their outreach programs, BARC goes into disadvantaged areas, where they provide veterinary care to animals who otherwise would not have access to it, as well as handing out food and blankets for the animals. Wire collars are replaced with proper collars and owners educated on how to care for their animals. Animals are dipped, de-wormed and powedered as well as vaccinaded to prevent the spread of disease.

BARC also runs a Feral program where cats are TNR – trapped, neutered and released. Feeding stations are set up as well to care for these cats who can suffer unimaginable hardships.

Food that is donated to BARC is also handed out to pet owners from government village, pensioners or those who have fallen on hard times. Their animals are also vaccinated, sterilized and provided with veterinary care.

In order to run these programs they depend on funds and donations from the public.

All donations of BRIC and BRAC and clothing is sold in their:
Charity shop

Occational Fund raisers are also held.

Please see their website for more information http://thebarcers.co.za/outreach/

If you would like to donate to this great organization please see below their banking details.

NEDBANK    B/CODE: 194842
ACCOUNT NO: 108 747 2024

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